The Panhandle Stands Together in Wake of Disaster to Aid in Recovery

First responders from surrounding communities are pouring in to offer aid for Perryton after the small town was severely damaged by a tornado that struck on the evening of June 15, killing three people and injuring dozens more. Jonathan Bailey, CEO of Hansford County Hospital District, said 16 patients were transported to Spearman for treatment from injuries sustained in the tornado, and local medical staff provided medical care there overnight.

“Like other communities across Texas and the panhandle, self-reliance is a way of life, but when tragedy strikes, we can always count on our neighbors stepping up to help no matter what it takes,” Bailey said. “We are supporting the community of Perryton in a variety of ways and standing by as the recovery progresses.”

County emergency management officials put a temporary pause on calls for additional supplies as they deal with more donated materials than can be handled at this phase of the recovery. Financial support through a variety of local banks is the best way to contribute and assist at this point. More information is posted on the Ochiltree County Emergency Management Facebook page.

The recovery efforts began moments after the weather cleared, and many volunteers from outside the area were already on the ground in Perryton overnight, including medical staff from Hansford County Hospital District.

“If members of the community see a Hansford County first responder, doctor, nurse, or other hospital staff member, please give them a pat on the back. Our team did an amazing job responding to provide care for patients in desperate need,” Bailey said.

Kelly Judice, CEO of Perryton’s Ochiltree General Hospital, spoke to News Channel 10: “We have seen somewhere between 50 and 100 patients who have minor to major trauma, ranging from head injuries to collapsed lungs, lacerations, and broken bones.”

Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a state of emergency, bringing more needed resources to the area as the town wrestles with a loss of power and works to restore utilities.

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