Hansford County Hospital District has invested in new and cutting-edge imaging equipment to deliver the highest possible level of diagnostic imaging accuracy, giving every patient full confidence that they are receiving an accurate diagnosis.

Our new 64-slice CT scanner offers state-of-the-art imaging, delivering accurate results as physicians diagnose the causes of a potential illness or pain that a patient may be experiencing. This top-of-the-line machine delivers 64 high-resolution scans in less than 15 seconds, giving physicians detailed, three-dimensional views of internal structures throughout the body (such as an artery with a blockage or a lung or liver that may contain a tumor) so they can make precise diagnoses with every scan.

Additionally, our new portable Samsung GM85 X-ray machine gives our team the ability to deliver imaging services directly in our treatment rooms without the need for the patient to get out of bed, providing a more comfortable experience for patients needing x-rays. In addition to its maneuverability, this machine offers the latest safety features for x-ray technology while delivering crystal clear images.

No patient should face a long drive to get answers about their health, especially if they are experiencing pain.

Learn more about our radiology and imaging services and ask your doctor to order your imaging close to home at Hansford County Hospital District.