For the past 100 years, heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the United States.  

American Heart Month remains an important reminder of just how vital a healthy heart is for your overall health, and that it’s never too late to start making heart-healthy choices.  

Understand Your Heart Health Risk Factors 

Understanding your risk factors for heart disease is the first step to take towards a healthier heart. Risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and physical inactivity.  

No matter your age or present risk factors, eating a heart-healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and prioritizing quality sleep are essential for maintaining good heart health.  

Hansford County Hospital District is committed to improving the health of our community, and your heart health is important to us. From screenings to treatments for elevated cholesterol levels and educational resources, our care team is equipped to help you stay on top of your heart health. 

Schedule a primary care appointment with the Family Medical Clinic today and take charge of your heart health.