May 19 – 25 is EMS Week, a time to honor and celebrate the brave work of those on the front lines of medical emergencies in Hansford County.

“Our EMS team stands prepared at all times to provide fast and reliable emergency care for our community,” said Jonathan Bailey, Hansford County Hospital District CEO. “Rain or shine, our highly-qualified team of paramedics and emergency providers is on hand to provide critical emergency care when every minute matters.”

When emergency situations arise, our EMS team responds without hesitation to rapidly assess patients’ care needs and stabilize them, operating with skill and efficiency in high-pressure environments. As a level IV trauma facility, Hansford County Hopsital District has the resources and expertise to care for a wide range health care emergencies. When a transfer is medically necessary, our team stabilizes patients and prepares a timely transfer to the appropriate level of care.

For 50 years, EMS Week has served as an important reminder of the skill and dedication it takes for EMS workers to keep their communities safe.