Get Your Annual Flu Shot!


This year, we’ve heard more than ever before about the need for vaccinations. With COVID-19 still a threat, vaccination remains our best protection against the deadly coronavirus. We also can’t forget about flu season and how important it is to get an annual flu shot to help protect against serious illness from the flu virus. [...]

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HCHD CEO Explains COVID-19 Data Reporting


October 22, 2020 (Spearman, TX) -- CEO Jonathan Bailey outlines Hansford County's COVID-19 data reporting practices, now updated regularly online. https://vimeo.com/470774497

HCHD CEO Explains COVID-19 Data Reporting2020-11-22T21:27:44+00:00

Hansford County Hospital District Encourages Flu Vaccination


September 24, 2020 (Spearman, TX) This year, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, getting vaccinated against seasonal influenza is essential. The flu vaccine reduces an individual’s risk of catching the illness and helps prevent hospitalizations and deaths. Hansford County Hospital District Family Medical Clinic has vaccines in stock; appointments are available now by calling the clinic [...]

Hansford County Hospital District Encourages Flu Vaccination2020-11-22T21:17:41+00:00
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