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Much like last fall and winter, the 2023-2024 flu season poses an elevated risk of illness, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracking several countries in the Southern Hemisphere (which have their flu season before the U.S.) that are experiencing higher or earlier flu activity compared to previous years. No matter your age [...]

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Join us at the Don’t Gamble With Your Health Fair


In addition to offering flu shots at the Family Medical Clinic by appointment, Hansford County Hospital District is co-sponsoring two health fairs this fall, where anyone can get a flu shot without an appointment. Spearman Event October 19 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. The O’Loughlin Center 502 S Brandt St. Gruver Event November 2 7 [...]

Join us at the Don’t Gamble With Your Health Fair2023-09-27T10:22:14-05:00

Advancing Diagnostic Imaging Close to Home


Hansford County Hospital District has invested in new and cutting-edge imaging equipment to deliver the highest possible level of diagnostic imaging accuracy, giving every patient full confidence that they are receiving an accurate diagnosis. Our new 64-slice CT scanner offers state-of-the-art imaging, delivering accurate results as physicians diagnose the causes of a potential illness or [...]

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Learn How to Make a Difference With a Basic EMT Course


EMS Services in Hansford County Seeking Interest for Basic EMT Course Offering Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) provide emergency medical care outside of hospitals and transportation for critical and emergent patients. EMTs possess the basic knowledge and skills to stabilize and safely transport patients in non-emergency and life-threatening situations, establishing a critical link between the scene [...]

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Supporting Tornado Relief for Perryton


The Panhandle Stands Together in Wake of Disaster to Aid in Recovery First responders from surrounding communities are pouring in to offer aid for Perryton after the small town was severely damaged by a tornado that struck on the evening of June 15, killing three people and injuring dozens more. Jonathan Bailey, CEO of Hansford [...]

Supporting Tornado Relief for Perryton2023-06-16T17:11:07-05:00

What the New Measles Case Means for Texans


First Case in 4 Years Documented in Texas’ Hood County For the first time since 2019, a confirmed case of measles has been recorded in Texas, occurring in Hood County. According to a report by the Texas Department of State Health Services, a young child was diagnosed with measles despite not traveling to an area [...]

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EMS Week 2023


May 21 – 27 is EMS Week, a time to honor and celebrate the brave work of those on the front lines of medical emergencies. EMS workers, including paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), are crucial for the health and safety of the Hansford community. The work of our skilled and dedicated EMS workers is [...]

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National Hospital Week 2023


May 7-13 is National Hospital Week, an opportunity to recognize the health care workers, hospitals, and health systems that improve and save lives in our communities. This year is especially important among our rural hospital communities as we recognize and celebrate the selfless health care workers who continue striving to provide great care to patients [...]

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National Nurses Week 2023


May 6 – 12 is National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate the nurses who advance the health and safety of our community. Every year, National Nurses Week takes place during the week of Florence Nightingale’s birthday to celebrate the health care professionals who embody Nightingale’s tireless efforts to better patients’ lives. Nightingale’s efforts laid [...]

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Celebrating Doctors’ Day 2023


March 30 is Doctors’ Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate all our incredible physicians. Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our physicians who care for our community in our hospital and clinic. And, it’s an opportunity to recognize doctors’ many medical advancements and their continuous efforts to improve modern health care. [...]

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